Mission and Vision

The mission of  明悦成均  Aurora Academy International (AAI) is to become 'A Center for Excellence in Education', providing holistic education that addresses children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs within a respectful, diverse, captivating, active and child-focused learning environment.
AAI empowers children to achieve their full potential, to become responsible and capable global citizens who will make meaningful decisions for themselves as well as for future humanity.
Educational Philosophies

AAI educational philosophy is deeply rooted in Chinese cultural heritage which has a heightened respect
  • For nature
  • For spirituality rather than material possessions
  • For the group rather than for the individual
Whole person education nurtures students to responsibly contribute to the global community.
Our practices

Small but effective learning environment (maximum 20 students per class; student/teacher ratio less than 7:1)
Learning opportunities beyond classrooms:  Incorporate field trips to nature, museums, gymnasiums, art galleries, factories and other social establishments.
Well-rounded curriculum: A comprehensive design focusing on competency, morality and virtue ensures the children grow in both physically and spiritually healthy way. The design also helps the children to develop their critical thinking, artistic accomplishment, wisdom of living, a sense of sustainable development, and a spirit of freedom, justice and collaboration.
Kindergarten stage: Early sense, motor, language and emotion development is pivotal to children’s future life and life quality.
Primary School: Thematic and Practical learning allows children to develop their curiosity and nurtures their self-taught abilities.
Secondary School: Adopts tutorial pedagogy and project-based learning, thus facilitating students’ understanding of the society.
International field trips: Average one to two months of international field trips in one academic year. The international intra-school cooperation promotes exchange between the East and the West and builds an international learning community.
Multilingual curriculum: English and Chinese are used as languages of instruction, while Spanish and Arabic lessons are also offered.
International Education Track: School’s curriculum enables students to have broad range of cultural expertise and critical thinking skills, laying a solid foundation for students willing to pursue higher education both domestically internationally. College counselling services are also available.
Parent Class: Two terms per school year, helping parents to understand core educational philosophy of AAI and to align parent-school collaboration.
Our Staff

Founding Staff

KANG, Jian Former Principal of the High School Affiliated to Peking University, Professor of Faculty of Education of Peking University
XIE,Kang B.S. (Beijing Normal University)
M.S. (University of Maryland)
Forerunning educator for environmental protection and parenting development
Former Dell
Director of Service Operations, Asia-Pacific & Japan;
Director of Commercial Sales Operations, Asia-Pacific & Japan;
Director of Global CSMB Reporting & Analytics
LI, Yu B.S. (Beijing Normal University)
Senior associates of famous early education institution, corporate training specialist, senior career development expert
WANG, Liyong Traditional Chinese Culture consultant, Chinese Language education expert, developed National Youth Classical Chinese Immersion Project.
CHEN, Nuo M.Mus. (China Conservatory of Music), Choirmaster of Sino-German Madrigal Choir
Music Department Head of Aurora Academy International, Conductor of Aurora Children’s Choir
TANG, Yan M.S. (Essex), WMECC
Psychology consultant
Nation Certified Psychological Counsel

Consultant Team

YANG, Limei Professor of Art Education of Beijing Normal University
ZENG, Weibin Mathematics Professor of University of Louisville
GUO, Hongxia Associate Research Fellow of Chinese Institute of Education; Yang Style Tai Chi Master
CAPODAGLI, Nevio PhD in Asian Language and Civilization specializing in comparative cultural studies; Western Culture Consultant
CHEN,Huiming Geology Professor of China Geosciences University

Our Curriculum

  • Physical, Emotional, and Social Development Series
  • Wisdom of Practical Living Series
  • Traditional Chinese Culture Series
  • Western Culture and Literature Series
  • Global Art Appreciation Series
  • Reasoning and Critical Thinking Series
  • Sustainable Development Practice Series

Green Campus

The ideal of sustainable development has been Aurora’s founding principles from day one. We even go one step further and translate this idea into actionable goal: to create a zero-waste campus. To achieve this goal, students and teachers work together and come up with ingenious solutions. The process to achieving this daring goal nurtures student’s awareness for local and global environmental issues, improves students’ problem solving skills, lays solid foundation for the understanding of rapid global population growth and of the relationship between humanity and nature.

Our Energy Saving System

  1. Equivalent LEED Certified Campus Design
  2. Maximize usage of natural sunlight
  3. Maximize natural ventilation
  4. Use environmentally friendly building materials
  5. Use double-layered thermal-insulated windows
  6. Use decentralized heating control system
  7. Continuously monitor electricity usage
  8. Encourage green transportation fostering heathy lifestyles
  9. Turn off lights when unneeded

Our Waste Management System

  1. Waste sorting
  2. Make trash bin using recycled box
  3. Use stationery made from recycled materials
  4. Use both sides of paper
  5. Use recycled materials for artistic creations
  6. Use straw-made tissue free of bleaches and fluoresce
  7. Refrain from using disposable tableware
  8. Recycle used batteries

Our Water Saving System

  1. Water-conserving toilets
  2. Use environmentally friendly detergents and sanitizer
  3. Use permeable tiles for courtyards

Our Biodiversity Program

  1. School organic farm
  2. Animal Caring Program
  3. Indoor plant management program
  4. Food residue and fallen leave compost

Green Campus Management System

  1. Sustainable development practices for K-12 students
  2. Diversified natural education activities
  3. School environment-friendly procurement policy
  4. Weekly Community Recycle Day

TEL:18500974470 / 010-61468901--816

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:When does the school begin and end on daily basis?

A:School starts at 8:30 in the morning and finishes at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Q:Does the school provide medical services for injuries?

A:We can provide first aid treatment, and always ready to refer students to nearby medical facilities

Q:In what ways are Aurora students accessed?

A:Assessment is formed by opinions of students themselves, their family, school and communities with which the students closely interact. The assessments are predominantly descriptive and criterion-referenced-based.

Q:How compatible is Aurora’s education with Domestic Pubic Education System or International Education System.

A:Knowledge-wise we help student focus on building a comprehensive knowledge base with discipline knowledge compatible with both education systems. Competency-wise, we equip our students with communication skills, capability of self-teaching, critical thinking and creativity, and therefore they are well prepared to adapt to any types of schools.

Q:What does Aurora Academy International do to prepare students for future life.

A:We believe that future society requires multi-faceted talents familiar with understand Chinese cultural heritage, understand international community and business in a global context. They should have a mindset of sustainable development, strong leadership skills. Theses are the areas Aurora has been focusing starting from day one.

Support Us

Your donations will be used for:

  1. Building educational programs for environmental protection
  2. Teacher development in underprivileged area
  3. Financial aid for underprivileged students
  4. Campus construction and maintenance

Method of payment:

  1. Contact directly:18500974470
  2. Wire Transfer Info:Account:0200291109200036965 Account Opening Bank:工行北京双裕支行。Please reserve the Banking Wiring Advice for Fapiao Issuance.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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